We Can’t All Follow Our Passion, Can We?

If you’ve ever been a little confused about your career path, you’ve probably had someone ask you about your passion. Because if you do what you love to do, you’ll be happy and successful and motivated and you’ll live happily… Continue Reading →

Why I Hate Your Stupid Slideshows

Slideshows are a fun was to display photos, graphics and lists in a visually appealing way. But I’m begging you to stop using them.

6 Lessons From My Father on Being a Successful Businessowner

Like most pre-teens and then teens, I didn’t think much about my father’s role as a businessowner or how he managed to build a successful business on the side.

Just Write

When I was young, I would write constantly. Poems, songs, short stories, essays. I would write for hours every day. Going into journalism felt natural, and getting great writing jobs after college was easy. Writing made me feel alive. But life has twists and turns, and things change.

Uh-Oh. She’s Got a Case of UOL (Unnatural Outbound Links).

Unnatural outbound links. It kind of sounds like some sort of communicable disease – “Oooh, did you hear? Melissa has unnatural outbound links. UOL. Ewww.” And the truth is that it is kind of an icky thing. It feels like I’ve been caught doing… Continue Reading →

Lessons from Superheroes at #ICNY

It’s been a week since I returned from Real Estate Connect (#ICNY), and after putting out all of the fires that arose while I was gone, I’ve had a little time to think about my experience. There are few things… Continue Reading →

Socially Awkward in a Social World

“You must have a lot of work to do,” he says as he smiles and hands me my coffee. I drink a lot of coffee, and the gentleman at the café on this train has been pouring cup after cup for… Continue Reading →

Do Less in 2014

Everyone seems to set New Year’s Resolutions to do more of this, more of that, in the coming year. More posts, more time commenting, more work on SEO, more adventure, more travel, more exercise… on and on. It’s always about… Continue Reading →

Two Things I Hate Hearing at Marketing Conferences

If money wasn’t an object, I’d probably attend just about every marketing/social media/technology conference out there. I love the energy, the enthusiasm, the ideas and I always pick up great little nuggets of wisdom. But at nearly every conference or… Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget Why You’re Here

“Everyone is on Twitter, so let’s tweet more.” “Businesses are all on Facebook.” “If Google+ will help us get higher in search engines, let’s do it!” I get it. Social media platforms are all around us, and small business owners… Continue Reading →

My Lame Excuses for Not Blogging Aren’t Cutting It

It feels like forever since I wrote for Social Amateur. And actually, it has been a while. For someone who preaches the value of frequent, regular content, I haven’t exactly been demonstrating it. Do as I say, not as I… Continue Reading →

Low-Tech Planning for a “Busy” Life

I think I have a dozen Google calendars. Each has its own purpose, with three or four attached to each of my Google accounts. A few are populating WordPress widgets and all are synced on my computer, iPad and phone…. Continue Reading →

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